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Advertise nowon The magic radio (A South asian's RADIO STATION)


If you are looking for a cost-effective and high-impact way of advertising your business and attracting more customer, you have reached at the right destination at right time.

The Magic Radio is listened by thousands of listeners across South Asia as well as other parts of the world. Our Internet radio stream is accessed by Pakistanis and Indians living in home and abroad. We offer you exciting opportunities to advertise your products or services to a wide range of potential customers at most affordable rates.

Why Advertise on Internet Radio?

Quality audience: The vast majority of Internet radio listening is comprised of consumers who are listening at work on a broadband-enabled computer, meaning that they are inherently a high-qualitative-profile group of listeners.
Accompanying visuals: Internet radio stations are capable of displaying your company’s logo while your spot is playing (as part of a banner ad)! This ability to display a visual image is a feature that broadcast radio cannot offer.
Website link: Since virtually all Internet radio listeners are sitting in front of a computer with a browser window open, and since you have 30 seconds of persuasive audio to communicate with, they are perhaps the easiest consumers in the world to entice to your website!

Why Advertise on The Magic Radio?

More advertising formats: Unlike most other Internet radio sites, with The Magic Radio you can reach your audience with an Audio, Vdeo and Banner advertising.

Creative marketing opportunities: Because of our strong background in radio and our embracement of internet advertising, we can design unique, creative marketing approaches to meet your needs: channel sponsorships and launches, roadblocks, mass e-mail sponsorship and more.

The Magic Radio listeners are worldwide, with over 6,30,000 tuning in stream. Broadcasts are received via the Internet and broadband home stereo as well Mobile and other compatible devices. ..
The Magic Radio broadcasts mix new Punjabi, Hindi and Pakistani & English songs and semi / classics golden hits . The target audience is the younger community, such as schools, colleges & universities, etc.
The Magic Radio is now listed in all the major worldwide Internet portals and search engines, is very easy to find, and has a rapidly growing listener base. Listener emails are increasing daily, resulting in a large and valuable email list.
The Magic Radio can also be listened using Nokia Internet Radio available in most of Nokia handsets and Android technology..
The Magic Radio is a unique, first of its kind entertainment station, and has proven to be very successful.

How to Contact Us for Advertising?

Please Feel Free to Contact us.

Call: +92-315-220-62-69.


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